Remember Austin Powers 3 in Goldmember

Remember Austin Powers 3 in Goldmember Austin Powers in Goldmember is an American spy comedy movie that was released on 26 July 2002. This entertaining film was the third instalment of Austin Powers series and starring actor Mike Myers in the title role who is also its co-writer along with Mc Mullers.

Mike plays the role of Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard and Goldmember. His co-stars include Beyonce Knowles, Seth Green, Mindy Sterling, Robert Wanger, Michael Caine, Verne Troyer, Michael York and Fred Savage. This movie was intellectually directed by Jay Roach and cinematography done by Peter Deming, with a total budget of $63 million and earned about $296.6 million at the Box office worldwide. The producers of the film included Toby Emmerich, Richard Brener and Demi Moore.

The movie Austin Powers in Goldmember is a comic adventure parody of the films Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice, both starring James Bond. The main plot of the film is that Dr. Evil goes back in 1975 to bring Goldmember who developed the tractor beam that would be used by Dr. Evil to attract meteors into the Earth's atmosphere that will hit the polar caps and lead to global flooding.

But he was arrested by Austin Powers who eventually goes in search of the lost key. The story revolves around search of the lost key which is his gold painted genitals. Austin travels to 1975 and teams up with Foxxy cleopatra to stop Goldmember and Dr. Evil from their troublesome mayhem.

Austin Powers in Goldmember won the BMI Film and Television Awards, Canadian Comedy Awards and 2003 Kids Choice Awards to name a few. The film also has a nice soundtrack directed by George S. Clinton, with songs like "Hey Goldmember" which is a unique medley of four disco songs of the 70s. The film was edited by Greg Hayden and Jon Poll and widely distributed by New Line Cinema. The total running time of this fantastic comic spy series was 94 minutes.


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