Remember Austin Powers 3 in Goldmember

Remember Austin Powers 3 in Goldmember Austin Powers in Goldmember is an American spy comedy movie that was released on 26 July 2002. This entertaining film was the third instalment of Austin Powers series and starring actor Mike Myers in the title role who is also its co-writer along with Mc Mullers.

Mike plays the role of Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard and Goldmember. His co-stars include Beyonce Knowles, Seth Green, Mindy Sterling, Robert Wanger, Michael Caine, Verne Troyer, Michael York and Fred Savage. This movie was intellectually directed by Jay Roach and cinematography done by Peter Deming, with a total budget of $63 million and earned about $296.6 million at the Box office worldwide. The producers of the film included Toby Emmerich, Richard Brener and Demi Moore.

The movie Austin Powers in Goldmember is a comic adventure parody of the films Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice, both starring James Bond. The main plot of the film is that Dr. Evil goes back in 1975 to bring Goldmember who developed the tractor beam that would be used by Dr. Evil to attract meteors into the Earth's atmosphere that will hit the polar caps and lead to global flooding.

But he was arrested by Austin Powers who eventually goes in search of the lost key. The story revolves around search of the lost key which is his gold painted genitals. Austin travels to 1975 and teams up with Foxxy cleopatra to stop Goldmember and Dr. Evil from their troublesome mayhem.

Austin Powers in Goldmember won the BMI Film and Television Awards, Canadian Comedy Awards and 2003 Kids Choice Awards to name a few. The film also has a nice soundtrack directed by George S. Clinton, with songs like "Hey Goldmember" which is a unique medley of four disco songs of the 70s. The film was edited by Greg Hayden and Jon Poll and widely distributed by New Line Cinema. The total running time of this fantastic comic spy series was 94 minutes.

Remember Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Austin Powers 2 The Spy Who Shagged Me
The second film in the Austin Powers Series, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, features the second on-screen adventure of Austin Powers as he once again fights Dr. Evil to get his "mojo" back and save the whole world in the process. The film consists of its trademark sexual comedy antics and dialogues with scenes and stunts that are highly-influenced by old espionage films like James Bond. Watch Austin Powers, and his deliciously hot partner, as he fights to recover his sexual vitality back to go from "shagless" to "groovy, baby!".

Let's remember more details about Austin Powers 2 movie watching the trailer:

The sexually active, British 1960s espionage agent Austin Powers, played once again by veteran comedian Mike Myers, is living in the year 1998 when he discovers that his archenemy Dr. Evil, also played by Myers, has found a way to steal his "mojo", which left him incapable of emitting tremendous sex appeal.

Dr. Evil travelled back to 1968 and Austin has to follow him there to get his vitality back. Austin is faced with the dilemma of having to deal with Dr. Evil's new allies: Mini-me, played by Verne Troy; Fat Bastard, again played by Myers; Robin Swallows, played by Gia Carides; and Number Two, played by Robert Wagner and Rob Lowe as the younger version.

Austin is also in fear of being able to fit once again into the 1960s, but is encouraged and assisted by his new juicy partner Felicity Shagwell, a CIA operative played by Heather Graham. This film, directed by Jay Roach and co-written by Mike Myers, was released in 1999, about two years after the prequel.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is a great film full of bathroom jokes that will surely leave viewers cracking up and laughing hysterically. It is a fun way to reminisce old films and movie characters as Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me gives each viewer a glimpse of various movie influences packed in a hilariously wild on-screen adventure.

Remember Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Remember Austin Powers 1 International Man of Mystery trailer
Before Austin Powers 4 we must remember that we have 3 great movies with Mike Myers: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997), Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) and Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002).

We want to say something first about Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. This movie was the debut movie and a great success with a budget of $17,000,000 (estimated) he gross $67,668,030 (Worldwide) and that means the second movie must be made. New Line Cinema was the studio and distributor and release date in USA was 2 May 1997.

Because was a success he win as awards 3 wins & 5 nominations:

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 1998 (Won, Saturn Award - Best Fantasy Film; Nominated, Saturn Award - Best Costumes Deena Appel)

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 1998 (Nominated, Blockbuster Entertainment Award
Favorite Actor - Comedy -Mike Myers; Nominated, Blockbuster Entertainment Award
Favorite Actress - Comedy - Elizabeth Hurley)

MTV Movie Awards 1998 (Won, MTV Movie Award - Best Villain - Mike Myers; Won, MTV Movie Award - Best Dance Sequence - Mike Myers, "Some London Citizens"; Nominated, MTV Movie Award - Best Movie; Nominated, MTV Movie Award - Best Comedic Performance
Mike Myers)

Cast for Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery include Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York, Mimi Rogers, Robert Wagner. If you don't remember very well this first movie we show you the trailer:

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery tells the story of eternity rivalry between Austin Powers and Dr. Evil, who always wants to have control of the world. It's 1969, and Dr. Evil has lost almost all agencies, so he's noose Austin Powers, but that is not captured by the famous agent, decides to cryogenic.

Austin opt for the same proceeds, in case the evil terrorist will make its appearance again. 30 years later, Dr. Evil is back to life in Nevada, steal a nuclear weapon and take several prisoners in exchange which requires a "1000 zillion" dollars. Austin is also brought back to life to stop Dr. Evil. Mission is harder than we have thought, and Austin is amazed about the changes in the world. But only he can stop Dr. Evil.

Austin Powers 4 The Spy We All Miss

In recent years that have been lots of speculations as to whether Austin Powers 4 would actually see the light of the silver screen. The man behind the film, no other than the genius Mike Myers, has encountered a few deadlocks with his most recent film ventures at least in terms of commercial success. Crafts wise, Mike Myers never seem to deliver a failure but his last movie projects did not quite make it at least in terms of blockbuster standards. Such projects include the last two Shrek spinoffs as well as The Love Guru.

Of course the Austin Power movie is entirely different topic. Mike Myers has consistently shown his exemplary command with comedy writing and screwball acting in the series hence there is no merit when it comes to doubting the sheer brilliance of the franchise. Thus far, Mr. Myers has already written, acted in, and produced three commercially successful Austin Power movies. The titles he had previously crafted include Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and Austin Powers in Goldmember. All these films have satirized the formula film tackling espionage specifically the James Bond fanchise.

It is not yet clear or final who would be joining Mike Myers for his latest comedic opus in Austin Powers 4. Most likely there will be returning thespians from the previous films but as of now it is actually too early to know for sure which among the past Austin Power top-billers will make a comeback. Previous start who have co-billed with Mike Myers include Elizabeth Hurley, Fred Savage, Heather Graham, Michael Caine, Michael York, Mimi Rogers, Mindy Sterling, Rob Lowe, Robert Wagne, Seth Green, Verne Troyer and even pop superstar Beyonce Knowles. Writing credits have been shared by Mike Myers and Michael McCullers whereas the directorial title went to Jay Roach. The producer seat have been claimed by the likes of Demi Moore, Jennifer and Suzanne Todd, and of course Mr. Myers himself. All three Austin Powers films have been released by New Line Cinema.

Austin Powers fans have been anticipating the trailer for the latest spinoff but as of date, such is still a bit impossible considering that the film is on its earlier stage of production. Although this demands coming from the followers of the franchise is enough of a reason for the people behind it to actually pursue the project and to not delay its completion even more. It is only obvious that many people actually anticipate the film with zest and gusto.

In terms of release date, there is yet to be a fix agreement on the matter. The people behind the film have been mum and close-lipped so far although it is logical to assume that the film will most likely be launched on the following year. That is of course if the production pushes through this current year.

Austin Powers 4 will surely give something new to both Austin Powers devotees as well as those who are interested in this enduring franchise. Since it has been years since the last Austin Powers movie, a new installment could even tap a new and younger audience demographic who were most likely still young when the third part of the film trilogy was released.

Hollywood insiders have been buzzing about the cast that would eventually be included in the fourth Austin Powers installment. There are already some favorite thus far and they are the ones who have played their roles in the previous movies with precision and spot-on comedic timing. Some of the most popular names being cited include Heather Graham and Seth Green although as to whether they would agree to again sign up for the project is yet to be known.

Austin Powers 4 should definitely be made since there are a lack of laugh out loud action comedies nowadays. It is a one of kind film franchise that deserves to be revisited over and over again. So far the news in tinsel town is favorable toward those who are truly anticipating for the eventual release of the film. There have been considerable buzz that it is indeed going be made.

We could only hope that Austin Powers 4 could be finished as soon as possible since during these trying times, we all need some good laughs. Until then we let you enjoy the third movie trailer: